How to Support Operation Gratitude

Today’s political and socio-economic climate is as complicated as ever. Yet something we can all support is the men and women who serve in our armed forces. Of course, supporting the military means more than just active service men and women — it also means helping out first responders, veterans, recruits, wounded heroes, and military families.

Operation Gratitude is a volunteer organization founded with the goal of supporting all of the above. At HEFF, we are honored to play a small role by sending everyday skincare cream to U.S. Service Members. Today, we will explain how individuals and organizations can become involved with the great work being done at Operation Gratitude.

What is Operation Gratitude?

What is Operation Gratitude?

Operation Gratitude was founded in 2003 in Carolyn Blashek’s living room. What started as a small organization to support active military members has since grown to a widespread volunteer organization which serves all manner of military and first responder personnel. 

The mission of Operation Gratitude is to “forge strong bonds between Americans and their Military and First Responder heroes through volunteer service projects, acts of gratitude, and meaningful engagement in communities worldwide.”

This is accomplished in part by sending care packages to active military, wounded heroes, first responders, military families, and more. All contents are donated by individuals and/or organizations who support Operation Gratitude. The organization currently holds a 92.38/100 score (4 stars) from the charity rating service Charity Navigator.

Can Individuals get Involved with Operation Gratitude?

Absolutely! Many of the contributions accepted and passed on by Operation Gratitude come from individuals and other small donors. For those who lack the funds or the goods to donate, handwritten letters and other small tokens of appreciation are always welcome. There are also a number of other ways to contribute as an individual, including:

  • Donating knitted or crocheted items
  • Donating halloween candy
  • Beanie babies or other stuffed animals to comfort children and families in combat zones
  • Kick off a fundraiser
  • Fulfill a wish list item of a military member, veteran, or first responder
  • And much more!

There is no donation too small. Operation Gratitude is about giving back to those who keep us safe here at home. Many wish list items are as simple as a pack of playing cards or stick of deodorant. If you want to get involved, please do!

Groups, Businesses, Corporate Sponsorships & More

Groups, Businesses, Corporate Sponsorships & More

Of course, larger groups are welcome as well. Groups of any size may contribute items in the same way outlined above for individuals. Operation Gratitude also works with corporate sponsors to organize employee engagement events. This benefits the business by promoting team-building and morale while providing an essential service for those in need.

Typical employee engagement events might include letter writing, paracord survival bracelet making, assembling care kits, and donating comfort items for children. Corporate partners may also choose to come to an Operation Gratitude facility to help out on site. Community event planning is available as well. 

At the end of the day, any donations or other time spent helping the troops is always welcome. Any organization looking to participate in their own engagement event can contact Operation Gratitude directly by emailing

HEFF Supports Operation Gratitude Through Donations

HEFF Supports Operation Gratitude Through Donations

This brings us to the small role HEFF plays in Operation Gratitude. We are proud to donate a tube of high quality, premium strength hand, elbow, and foot cream for every unit sold. Our customers can choose to donate a tube by completing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to our home page:
  2. Enter your unique code from the tube cap top label
  3. HEFF™ will donate one tube to Operation Gratitude
  4. Operation Gratitude will send a tube directly to a U.S. Service Member

It is really that easy. Our goal is to provide the best possible product to our customer base while also giving back to the military and first responder community. HEFF is a proud partner of Operation Gratitude, and we believe that this small step to give back is the least we can do to say thanks to all those that bravely serve our Nation.

HEFF Restores Dry Skin and Helps to Support a Great Cause

HEFF is an everyday skin cream which was designed by a team of doctors, researchers, and chemists to repair, restore, and rejuvenate dry and damaged skin. Men and women who work hard know the feeling of chapped, dry hands. Our hand, elbow, and foot cream utilizes eight (8) essential amino acids to help your skin repair itself. Where many hand creams and moisturizing lotions sit on the top layer of skin, HEFF goes deeper, hydrating from the inside out.
To try HEFF today, find our products sold in major retailers around the country, online through Amazon, or feel free to contact us directly. Remember that each purchase of HEFF moisturizing cream comes with an opportunity to donate a tube directly to an active military serviceperson, first responder, or other national hero. Join us in supporting our troops through the simple act of giving back!