5 Amino Acids that Strengthen and Repair Damaged Skin

Amino acids are well known for being the building blocks of life. It would be more accurate to say that amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Amino acids also play a huge role when it comes to keeping skin strong, healthy, and in the repair of damaged skin. Dry skin does a lot more than just cause irritation and itching — dry skin can become cracked, damaged, and even weakened over time. Moisturizers which utilize potent amino acids have been shown to more effectively repair, restore, and renew damaged skin.

Here are five (5) amino acids which are particularly effective at strengthening and repairing damaged skin.

1. Aspartic Acid Helps to Build Skin Cell DNA

1. Aspartic Acid Helps to Build Skin Cell DNA

As is the case with many amino acids, aspartic acid has been touted as a treatment for a great many purposes including reducing exhaustion, building muscle, and improving athletic performance. In reality, aspartic acid is a nonessential amino acid which is found in abundance in both plant and animal sources. Aspartic acid helps regulate hormone levels and healthy nervous system functioning.

When it comes to skin health, aspartic acid plays a vital role in skin cell generation and reproduction. This is critical for both healthy skin maintenance and repairing damaged skin.

2. Arginine Heals Skin Cell Damage

Arginine has very well researched benefits when it comes to repairing injured skin, muscle, and other body tissue. Repeated scientific studies have shown that the presence of arginine increases protein production, effectively increasing the ability of the body to heal itself. As it pertains to skin damage repair, topical arginine found in moisturizers and other skincare products can have a large impact on filling and repairing cracks and wounds. 

3. Lysine Aids Collagen Production and Skin Damage Repair

3. Lysine Aids Collagen Production and Skin Damage Repair

Lysine is perhaps most well known as a skincare ingredient for its ability to help with the symptoms of acne and as a cold sore treatment. For both of these applications, the fundamental reasons the lysine is effective stem from lysine’s ability to stimulate natural collagen production. Lysine has been studied and found to be beneficial for skin health when ingested in the diet and as a topical ingredient in skincare products.

Collagen production is extremely important for healthy skin. Collagen is the most commonly found protein in the human body. It provides the structural support for skin, bones, muscles, tendons, and more. Many of the visible signs of aging we encounter are due to a lack of collagen. Collagen in the skin promotes elasticity, even tone, and can aid in skin repair.

4. Valine Strengthens Muscle and Skin Tissue

Valine is an essential branched-chain amino acid which plays an integral role in tissue growth and tissue repair. Alongside leucine and isoleucine, valine is one of only three branched-chain amino acids which are able to effectively turn food into energy, boost muscular endurance, and other health benefits such as natural human growth hormone production. As with all amino acids, valine is a vital part of the skin’s ability to maintain and repair itself.

5. Glutamine Prevents Skin and Other Tissue Breakdown

5. Glutamine Prevents Skin and Other Tissue Breakdown

Glutamine is one of the more commonly encountered amino acids as it is a popular supplement for weightlifters and athletes. Benefits of glutamine supplementation include improved muscle and tissue repair. Glutamine plays a role in repairing wounds, building muscle, and is one of the primary building blocks of the body. Glutamine supplementation may also improve digestion and gut function as well as the visible appearance of skin.

Uses of glutamine include speedier recovery from injury, help with healing burns, treatment for sickle cell disease, and more. Glutamine has not been shown to improve athletic performance or give athletes strength increases, but it has been shown to improve muscle recovery. Glutamine is highly effective at repairing skin tissue which has been badly damaged from chronic dry skin.

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