What are my Feet so Itchy?

It’s not just you, we promise. Itchy and irritated foot skin is incredibly common for individuals with a wide range of underlying causes. It is important to understand that itchy feet can be a completely normal reaction to simple dry skin or a sign of a more serious skin condition such as diabetes or a skin infection. While we hope to review some of the most likely causes of your dry, itchy, and irritated feet in this article, those who are concerned about serious medical conditions should always seek medical attention.

With this in mind, today we will be discussing some of the most common causes of itchy skin, why feet are even more prone to getting itchy and irritated, how dry skin can cause itchy feet, and some simple solutions for itchy, dry skin relief.

Common Causes of Itchy Skin

Common Causes of Itchy Skin

Itchy skin is perhaps the most common symptom of acute and benign skin conditions. Almost everyone experiences itchy skin from time to time, whether that be from a wool sweater, excessive sweat, or even a psychosomatic cause. Here are a few of the most frequently encountered causes of itchy skin:

  • Dry skin: the most common symptom is also caused by the most common skin condition. Dry skin affects nearly everybody on occasion. In most cases, dry skin is harmless.
  • Common skin conditions: while itchy skin is often caused by a dip in humidity, acute skin conditions including psoriasis, bug bites, eczema, and burns can also cause an itching discomfort.
  • Allergic reactions: allergic dermatitis can result from a wide range of irritants on the skin including detergents, cosmetics, clothing, poison ivy, and much more.
  • Internal disorders: not all itchy skin causes are found on the surface. Nerve disorders, liver disease, and even anxiety disorder can cause itchy skin.

Why Feet Get Itchy

Why Feet Get Itchy

For the most part, itchy feet are caused by many of the same factors which cause itchy skin elsewhere on the body. Yet there are two reasons why your feet are more likely to itch than most other locations on the body:

Feet sweat more and are often “trapped” in socks and shoes. Those socks and shoes you are wearing are more or less a necessity if you want to live in most areas, but they are also causing your feet to live in a constant state of heat and moisture. This can lead to athlete’s foot, dry skin, and certainly is a big factor in causing itchy feet.

Foot skin is different. Most people have noticed that their skin is a different thickness in different areas of the body. The soles of your feet are about as thick as it gets. Your feet also have a greater concentration of sweat glands than anywhere else in the body.

Dry Skin is the Leading Cause of Itchy Feet

As we have covered already, itchy feet can certainly be the result of a great number of different medical issues and situations. Yet dry skin remains the most likely cause of itchy feet. If you are experiencing mild itching anywhere on your feet, using potent foot creams and/or moisturizers is a great place to start. By treating your dry skin first, you will likely be taking care of the itching sensation by default. If moisturization has minimal or zero impact on your itchy feet, you may want to consider consulting with a medical professional. 

Simple Skincare Tips for Dry, Cracked, and Damaged Feet

Simple Skincare Tips for Dry, Cracked, and Damaged Feet

When we talk about managing dry skin, some of us (particularly men) will shrug it off like the inconvenience is not worth the potential benefit. We believe that all men should be using moisturizer, regardless of whether or not they have actively dry, itchy, or damaged skin. If you have dry, cracked, and damaged foot skin, here are some easy ways to maintain healthy skin and reverse some of the symptoms you are experiencing:

  • Use moisturizer as part of your bathing routine. As soon as you step out of the shower and towel off, use moisturizer and/or foot cream to tackle dry and itchy foot skin.
  • Keep showers to a reasonable length and temperature. Long, hot showers are the enemy of dry skin. Ironically, the longer you stay wet, the dryer your skin tends to become.
  • Wear non-constrictive shoes and socks. Natural materials such as cotton and wool as well as shoes which have some ventilation will help feet to breathe and may prevent itching.
  • Keep your feet clean with non-irritating soap. Just as dirty feet can cause itching, so can overwashing. Wash your skin once-daily with soaps free of unnecessary irritants and harsh chemicals. 

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