Natural Foot Cream for Men

Foot cream is probably not on the top of many men’s minds. Between work, family, and our hobbies, who has time to consider using foot cream? And yet many men who have active lifestyles experience dry, damaged skin on their feet which can lead to discomfort and even an inability to participate in certain activities. So the question should really become, why wouldn’t you consider using a once daily foot cream?

For those with cracked, dry, and damaged skin, there are powerful skin care products which have been specifically formulated to repair and restore men’s feet. Here is why you should consider joining the thousands of men who have taken control of their foot health with a simple and easy to use product.

How Foot Cream Works

How Foot Cream Works

Foot cream is essentially a high powered skin moisturizer. The skin on the soles of our feet and in the surrounding areas are often thicker. This means that potent foot creams must penetrate deep into the skin to truly repair and restore skin damage. Our feet also carry a heavy workload from carrying around our bodies all day. So how exactly does foot cream work?

  1. A foot cream should create a water barrier on the outside of your skin. This is known as an occlusive. A common example of an occlusive would be Vaseline aka petroleum jelly. This keeps moisture in and prevents skin from drying out.
  2. Powerful foot creams must also penetrate into the skin and fill any gaps left by damage from cracked, dry skin. These ingredients are called emollients. Emollients work to repair skin from the inside out.
  3. Finally, humectants are foot cream ingredients which actively draw moisture to the skin from within your body. Examples of humectants might be amino acids or other powerful skin care ingredients.

How and Why Men and Women’s Skin is Different

How and Why Men and Women’s Skin is Different

Believe it or not, men’s skin is actually more susceptible to drying out than women’s. There are several key differences between men and women’s skin which can lead to dry skin. These include:

  • Men have thicker skin than women. The average man’s skin is approximately 20 percent thicker than his female counterpart. This can lead to the false assumption that men’s skin is also tougher. In many ways, it is quite the opposite.
  • Men’s skin is more susceptible to UV rays, cuts, and some other external conditions. This can lead to dryness and other more serious skin conditions including melanoma.
  • Women produce less sebum than men. Sebum is the natural skin oil which our bodies produce to moisturize and lubricate skin. Contrary to what may seem logical, men both produce more sebum and have a greater chance of dry skin.
  • Men’s skin is slower to heal when it comes to wounds and other dermal damage.

Strong Ingredients = Strong Foot Cream for Working Men

Now that we understand the problem that men face when it comes to dry and cracked skin on their feet, what is the solution? For many men, choosing the correct daily moisturizing foot cream can be a game changer. But not just any foot cream will do. It is important to select a potent moisturizing product which will work for very dry and damaged skin

The key comes down to finding a product with the right ingredients. Many moisturizers rely solely on trapping moisture with occlusives. These types of products do not supply your skin with the nutrients it needs to repair and restore itself.

Instead, look for a moisturizing foot cream with ingredients like amino acids, glycerin, and stearic acid which will work to moisturize damaged skin from all angles. These types of ingredients not only form a water-tight barrier on your skin, they also penetrate thick skin to deliver needed hydration from within.

Reasons to Consider Daily Foot Cream

Reasons to Consider Daily Foot Cream

We understand that some men still might not be sold on the concept of using foot cream. It’s not exactly the manliest part of our day either. There are a number of reasons why most adults should consider using daily foot cream for comfort and to stay on top of their game. Here are just a few: 

  • It is dead simple. Foot cream is as easy as opening the tube and rubbing a small about of moisturizer onto your feet once daily.
  • It can become part of your showering routine. Particularly for active men, applying foot cream after your daily shower is a great way to develop a simple and effective skin care routine.
  • Dry and damaged skin can seriously hurt. “Toughing it out” simply isn’t necessary when such an easy alternative exists.
  • It works. There is no answer more important than this one. Whether you are experiencing some innocuous itching or painful dry skin, using the proper moisturizing foot cream can make a world of difference.

HEFF Moisturizing Cream for Dry Hands, Elbows, & Feet

At HEFF, we only do one thing — we make moisturizing cream for men’s hands, elbows and feet. Our business is built on a single product because we have poured our blood, sweat and tears into that product. The HEFF daily moisturizer is effective as a hand cream, foot cream, or for any areas where you are experiencing dry or cracked skin. Our powerful moisturizing formula was developed by a team of researchers to repair, restore, and renew the skin of men with active lifestyles.
To learn more, find HEFF at one of many retail locations, online, or contact us directly. Your purchase helps to support Operation Gratitude.