GySgt R.T.

Operation Gratitude,

I would like to  sincerely thank you and employees that put together these care packages.  The items we received were certainly well received and are a nice to have.  Truth be told, after four deployments, receiving care Packages still makes me feel like a kid at heart.  It had just enough of the goodies For me to enjoy and to share!

Having something to open can completely change the pattern of Marine’s day, as there are some that don’t receive anything.  Thanks to warm and caring groups like yours, the packages you send let them know that people do care about what service members sacrifice.

During  my 17+ years, all my deployments have been during the summer time period.  This is my first deployment over the holidays, and while it was easy for me, it was not the same for my kids.  Luckily, I was able to FaceTime with them on Christmas morning and share a unique gift opening experience.  This is my last deployment as I will be retiring in September of 2020 and will not have the time needed to fulfill another.

Again, thank you for the continued support and appreciation you have shown us.

Thank you.