7 Common Skin Myths You Might Still Believe

The skin is the largest organ in the human body weighing in excess of 10 pounds in some adults. Our skin is also the part of our body which is most exposed to the elements and perhaps the part of our body which we give the most attention. Despite all of this, there are a number of common skin and skincare myths which continue to circulate to this day. 

To separate fact from fiction, here are seven (7) falsehoods about your skin which you might still believe.

Antibacterial Soap is Better for Washing Hands

Soap actually works by using emulsifiers to reduce the surface tension of oil and water on our skin’s surface. Standard soaps do not actually contain any germ fighting ingredients at all. Instead, they work to remove dirt, oil, and other irritants from our skin. Antibacterial soap adds germ killing ingredients such as alcohol. While antibacterial soaps are crucial for situations like in the medical field, the antibacterial nature of these soaps can actually be detrimental in the long run.

Research has shown that antibacterial soaps are not more effective at keeping you healthy. Nor will they do a better job of preventing illness. Additionally, using antibacterial soap over time can actually kill healthy bacteria, causing the individual to become more susceptible to potentially serious illnesses.

Your Diet can Cause or Worsen Acne

Your Diet can Cause or Worsen Acne

This is just flat out false. It can seem like an obvious connection to assume that eating that greasy pepperoni pizza will lead to oily skin, but no such connection exists. The oil on your skin is a natural oil called sebum which is produced by our own bodies. Excessive sebum production can be caused by a number of factors, but not by eating fatty foods. One caveat is that direct contact to the skin and/or face from oily foods can in fact cause or exacerbate acne

Men’s Skin is Stronger than Women’s

“Stronger” is hard to quantify, but if we were going to pick a winner when it comes to better skin defenses, we would have to go with women. Men have about 25-30% thicker skin than women, but are also more susceptible to dry skin, sun related skin conditions, and even common cuts and scrapes. Even us manly men would do well to remember that daily skin maintenance is for everyone.

Shaving Regularly Makes Hair Grow Back Faster, Thicker, and Darker

Shaving Regularly Makes Hair Grow Back Faster, Thicker, and Darker

This is yet another myth perpetuated through hearsay and episodes of Seinfeld. There is absolutely no evidence which points to shaving impacting the way your hair grows back. Whether we are talking facial hair, chest hair, leg hair, or pubic hair, do not hesitate to shave thinking that you will turn into half human-half wolf. 

A Tan is a Sign of Vitality and Health

The only thing a tan signals is that you have been out in the sun or in the tanning bed. The primary benefit of sun exposure is activating Vitamin D in your skin. Vitamin D can be sourced from food and we only need a small amount of sun exposure to synthesize healthy amounts. Going out in the sun and enjoying the weather is a safe and healthy activity. Roasting like a hot dog on a gas station roller is not.

Men Don’t Need to Moisturize

In a previous section we mentioned that men’s skin is more susceptible to becoming dry than women’s. So why are men so hesitant to use moisturizer? The myth that men have stronger, more durable skin than women isn’t true. It would be closer to the truth to say that women’s and men’s skin differ in a few key ways. However, daily skin moisturizer is a great idea for everyone. Men may want to consider using a once-daily moisturizing cream developed specifically for their skin needs. 

Higher SPF Sunscreens Offer Significantly Higher Protection

Higher SPF Sunscreens Offer Significantly Higher Protection

Understanding Sun Protection Factor (SPF) is actually slightly complex. The SPF indicator on your sunscreen or moisturizer refers to the length of time it will take for your skin to become damaged vs. no sunscreen. In other words, SPF 15 = 15 times as long, 50 = 50 times as long and so forth. In reality, higher SPF sunscreens offer progressively less bang for their buck. At the end of the day, wearing a minimum of SPF 15 sunscreen and applying the product properly is more important than sweating the details of SPF. 

HEFF Daily Moisturizer for Men Protects Hardworking Skin

HEFF moisturizing cream for hands, elbows and feet has been specifically formulated for working men. Harnessing the power of amino acids, our lotion is ideal for even the most dry, cracked skin. Think of once-daily HEFF as routine maintenance for your body. Shower, shave, apply daily moisturizing cream, and you are all set for a day of hard work or hard play. 

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