Glycerin as a Powerful Skin Care Ingredient

Glycerin is another name for the chemical compound Glycerol. Glycerin occurs naturally or can be manufactured safely using simple techniques. Understanding the chemistry can be quite complex, but for our purposes today we will be discussing glycerin as a skincare ingredient. Glycerin has a long history of use as a medication, a topical, and for overall health. So how exactly can it benefit your skin?

Today, we will be exploring glycerin, how it works as a humectant, and why it can help to restore, renew and repair dry and damaged skin.

What is Glycerin Exactly?

What is Glycerin Exactly?

Glycerin is a type of alcohol which forms naturally under a wide range of conditions. Glycerin is one of the most powerful natural humectants known to modern medicine (more on this below). This means that water is drawn to glycerin, which can cause a number of beneficial impacts when used properly.

Glycerol was discovered in 1779 by a Swedish Chemist by the name of Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Scheele is most well-known for helping to discover oxygen, but was also famed for working with organic chemical compounds, discovering numerous acids and alcohols, including glycerin. 

Glycerin is stable, and is considered safe for usage as a topical ingredient. It is not recommended to ingest glycerin as part of the diet. 

Glycerin as a Powerful Humectant for Skin Hydration

Glycerin as a Powerful Humectant for Skin Hydration

So now that we know a bit about glycerin’s history, how exactly does it help our skin? A scientific study from 2016 concluded that “tri-hydroxylated molecule glycerol (glycerin) is the most effective humectant.” 

Humectants are one of the three key ways to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Where occlusives form a moisture barrier on the skin’s surface and emollients penetrate skin to repair from within, humectants work by actively attracting water. Humectants in moisturizing cream are able to draw and maintain moisture near the skin’s surface. This allows the occlusives and emollients to do their thing. 

In order for a moisturizing product to be truly effective, they should have all three. And when it comes to safe and potent humectants, nothing beats glycerin.

Glycerin is Safe for Daily Use

As mentioned previously, glycerin is safe for topical use. Glycerin is recommended for daily use when it is diluted and/or used in a skincare product. The positive impacts of glycerin are only amplified by other powerful skincare ingredients such as essential amino acids, so this is really a win-win. 

Glycerin does not have any inherent side effects when used properly. Many independent studies have confirmed that using glycerin is extremely safe even for extended periods of time. However, there is a small chance that individuals may develop an allergic reaction to glycerin. 

It is important to remember that even all-natural, organic, non-GMO ingredients have the potential to cause mild reactions. No product is 100 % guaranteed to work for you, but you can certainly do your homework and find well-researched ingredients. In terms of overall safety and efficacy, it is tough to beat glycerin as a skincare ingredient.

Powerful Ingredients for Men’s Moisturizing Cream

Powerful Ingredients for Men’s Moisturizing Cream

So how does this all go together for men’s daily moisturizer? Many moisturizing creams rely on one or two of the three moisturizing actions. A truly powerful moisturizing cream for hands, elbows, and feet will employ all three. Glycerin is quite possibly the most potent humectant on the market today. The key is finding a product with sufficient glycerin combined with other potent ingredients.

Moisturizer for daily use can become part of your daily routine. We understand that many men are hesitant to use moisturizers because they feel that they don’t have the time, money, or even the desire to use such a product. Instead of thinking about it like a moisturizer, think of it as daily maintenance. 

You shower, shave, and put on deodorant. Why not make sure that the back of your hands don’t feel like snakeskin? Daily moisturization takes about 10 seconds of your time and improves the appearance and health of your skin all year round. Moisturizing cream specifically formulated for hard working men won’t make your hands greasy or smell like flowers. What it does is keeps your skin strong for years to come. 

HEFF Daily Moisturizing Cream for Hard Working Men

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