How Plumbers, Electricians, and Handymen Deal with Dry, Damaged Skin

Plumbers, electricians, and handymen know all too well how irritating dry and cracked skin can be. On the job, the last thing we want to worry about is whether or not our skin is about to split open and start to bleed. Whether you are experiencing mild itching sensations or full blown alligator skin, dry skin can be a real pain. So how exactly can industry professionals deal with the inconvenience of dry skin on the job?

Today, we will discuss why plumbers and other hard working professionals develop dry skin, some common skin-related problems experienced by handymen, and how potent moisturizers developed for hard working hands can restore, repair, and renew damaged skin.

Why Plumbers Get Dry Skin

Why Plumbers Get Dry Skin

While it may seem counterintuitive, continuous exposure to water is actually a huge cause of chronic dry skin. That’s not to say that water is bad for your skin because it certainly isn’t. Yet the process of hands and other exposed skin becoming wet, then getting washing, then drying, can wreak havoc on skin health. The issue is that as water evaporates from our skin, some of the natural moisture from our skin goes with it.

For most people, we would simply recommend cutting down on long, hot showers, reducing hand washing, and avoiding excess water exposure overall. For plumbers and for many other handymen, the reality is that their skin is going to get wet. This causes the skin to go through a moistening and drying phase on and off over time.

Some plumbers find protective hand equipment to help, but many will tell you that gloves just aren’t a realistic option for all jobs. The truth is that for hard working hands, avoiding the causes of dry skin isn’t really an option. Instead, focus on finding a potent moisturizer which can be used as needed or as daily maintenance

Construction Workers and Handymen Common Skin Problems

Construction Workers and Handymen Common Skin Problems

According to Occupational Health & Safety, and organization dedicated to best practices on the job, there are three primary skin problems that impact individuals who work with their hands:

  1. Irritant contact dermatitis: handymen, including plumbers and electricians, run into skin irritants on a daily basis. Some instances may occur with acute irritant contact dermatitis and an immediate skin reaction. Other irritants may build up over time, causing dry skin, redness, irritation, swelling, and more.
  2. Allergic contact dermatitis: a response to a particular substance on the skin can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Much like irritant contact dermatitis, the effects of allergic contact dermatitis may be felt immediately or may lay dormant for long periods of time.
  3. Skin cancer: men are actually more susceptible to skin cancer, particularly to deadly melanoma. Unfortunately, many working men neglect to keep their skin protected from potentially harmful UV rays. Instead, combine a daily moisturizer for skin health with necessary skin protection like sunscreen and/or protective clothing. We fully understand that many men view this as an unnecessary inconvenience, but no inconvenience is worth risking your health and safety.

Overall, it is always recommended to see hand and skin safety as a priority on the job. Healthy skin is strong skin, and strong skin allows men and women to work without pain or discomfort. Using protective equipment and easy-to-use skincare products can keep you working those long hours without irritation.

How Moisturizers Work to Restore Dry Skin

How Moisturizers Work to Restore Dry Skin

So far we have discussed some common skin problems facing industry professionals without much of a solution. When it comes to dry skin, there is simply no replacement for a powerful, effective moisturizing product. Here is how moisturizers work to keep your skin strong, healthy, and youthful:

  • Occlusives protect the top layer of skin by forming a barrier. This barrier is meant to keep moisture in and keep irritants out. Common occlusives include petroleum jelly, often marketing as Vaseline. Where Vaseline is an effective occlusive, powerful moisturizers need a combination of ingredients to truly repair and restore damaged skin.
  • Emollients are the ingredients that penetrate beneath the skin’s surface to fill gaps left by cracked skin. Emollients such as glycerin are natural compounds which actively restore skin’s strength.
  • Humectants function almost like a magnet for moisture. They literally attract water molecules to the skin’s surface to keep skin hydrated for hours after moisturizer is applied. 

It is important to understand that each one of these ingredients is only as powerful as the others. Without the waterproofing power of occlusives, emollients would evaporate before being fully useful. Without humectants, the top layer of skin (epidermis) might not receive the hydration it needs to stay healthy and strong. In tandem, alongside other potent ingredients like amino acids, daily moisturizers deliver the relief hardworking hands need!

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