Men Are More Prone to Develop Severe Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a common skin condition which affects over 8 million Americans and 125 million individuals worldwide. While psoriasis is slightly more commonly experienced by women, it can develop at any age and in both genders at similar rates. Moreover, men with psoriasis are more likely to develop symptoms which can be considered severe. 

Today, we will explore why men with psoriasis develop more acute symptoms, discuss what psoriasis is and how it affects our skin, and discuss some psoriasis treatment options including daily moisturization for general skin health.

What is Psoriasis?

What is Psoriasis?

The Mayo Clinic describes psoriasis as “a common skin condition that speeds up the life cycle of skin cells.” This accelerated life cycle means that the body produces more skin cells than it is able to replace. The end result is patches of red, dry, itchy, and even painful skin. Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune disease. While treatable, there is no known cure for psoriasis.

The cause of psoriasis is not known, but is related to T cells, neutrophils, and general issues with white blood cells attacking healthy skin cells. Healthy white blood cells are a crucial part of the human immune system. Autoimmune disorders including psoriasis frequently impact white blood cell function. 

Why Men are More Likely to Develop Psoriasis than Women

Why Men are More Likely to Develop Psoriasis than Women

Severe psoriasis refers not to the actual severity of the skin condition, but to the total skin surface which is covered by psoriasis. Mild psoriasis includes psoriasis symptoms covering < 3 percent of the body’s surface. Moderate psoriasis typically covers between 3 and 10 percent of the body’s surface. Severe psoriasis either covers more than 10 percent of the body’s surface or is located in vulnerable areas including the palms, soles of feet, or face.

A recent scientific study showed that men with psoriasis were at a significantly higher risk of developing severe symptoms. This goes hand in hand with the fact that men are historically more likely to seek medical attention to treat their psoriasis than women. 

There are a number of reasons why psoriasis is more severe in men. Men have naturally thicker skin than women, produce more sebum, and have different hormonal levels. As psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder which can be triggered by inflammatory responses to stress, the link between chemical imbalances and psoriasis may explain the differential. However, the true reasons behind men and women’s different psoriasis symptoms is not known.

Psoriasis Management and Treatment Plans

Medications for psoriasis

There are several tried and tested methods to treat psoriasis flare ups, including:

  • Light therapy psoriasis treatments: UVB therapy, PUVA therapy, laser therapy, and other surface light therapies have all been shown to effectively reduce symptoms of psoriasis. These are all superficial treatments which treat symptoms and not the root cause.
  • Medications for psoriasis: there are also a handful of medications which effectively treat psoriasis. Cyclosporine (Neoral) works by slowing the growth rate of immune cells, which effectively reduces the symptoms of psoriasis. Methotrexate actually reduces the growth rate of skin cells, which directly halts psoriasis from spreading. There are many other medications available including Apremilast, Acitretin, Ixekizumab, etc.
  • Daily moisturization: while not an acute treatment, daily moisturization may effectively manage psoriasis symptoms and will likely comfort psoriasis patients. Unlike the other forms of treatment listed above, moisturization is good for all types and severities of psoriasis. Using high quality moisturizer as a supplement to acute treatments is a great way for men and women to deal with severe psoriasis

The Importance of Skin Moisturization for Men with Psoriasis 

So why is skin moisturization so critical when it comes to psoriasis? Moisturizer performs two key roles when it comes to psoriasis management:

  1. Daily moisturization keeps your skin stronger and healthier. Not only does moisturizing flat out make your skin feel better, but it actually strengthens the skin from within as well! Psoriasis weakens the skin and leaves it susceptible to simple cuts, scrapes, sun damage, and more. Moisturizers help to fight against this by providing skin with the hydration and nutrients like amino acids that it needs.
  2. Moisturizers fight against dry, cracked, and damaged skin caused by psoriasis. Psoriasis causes skin to become dry, scaly, and inflexible. Moisturizers literally loosen up this locked up skin, which can actually allow for psoriasis to clear up more quickly. 

It is important to understand that not all moisturizers will be equally effective when fighting psoriasis symptoms. Look for a moisturizing product which has powerful occlusives, emollients, and humectants for complete hydration. This allows your skin to repair, restore, and renew itself from within.

HEFF Daily Moisturizer is Ideal for Psoriasis Management

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