No-Nonsense Dry Skin Repair for Men

Men don’t like to talk about their skin. And even if we did like to talk about it, what is there to talk about? Well, we might start by talking about the fact that over 50 percent of adults over the age of 40 suffer from some form of dry skin. Coupled with the fact that men have a higher chance of developing dry skin than women, we believe that all men should be using moisturizer

Still not convinced? Here are some simple, no-nonsense solutions to that nagging dry skin problem that you have had for years and never done anything about.

What Causes Men’s Skin to Dry Out?

What Causes Men’s Skin to Dry Out?

Before we get into the solutions, what causes dry skin in the first place? While the potential reasons are numerous, here are a few common causes:

Dry air in your environment: Whether you are living in the desert or in a Brooklyn apartment in February, dry air can certainly cause dry skin. Our skin is the largest organ in the body, and it is more exposed than any other body part by a mile. Low humidity can sap our skin of the moisture it needs to stay healthy and strong.

Common skin conditions: Eczema, psoriasis, or allergies may all cause dry skin. These common skin conditions are generally treatable with the assistance of a medical professional.

Physical activity: While many men will immediately point to activities like lifting weights or mountain climbing, the fact remains that there are tons of activities which can dry out our skin. Even daily chores like doing the dishes and washing our hands can quickly lead to alligator skin forming on our knuckles.

Simple Lifestyle Hacks to Prevent or Control Dry Skin

Simple Lifestyle Hacks to Prevent or Control Dry Skin

We would never suggest cutting a workout short or spending less time outdoors just for the sake of avoiding dry skin. Thankfully, there are several easy ways for men to avoid, manage, or even rid themselves of dry skin just by making a few changes, including:

Cut down on excessive shower temperature and length. Your tired muscles and mind might enjoy that 30 minute, scalding hot shower, but your skin sure as hell doesn’t. Try limiting showers to 10 minutes or less without cranking the temperature up to hell-like conditions.

Avoid harsh skin products. Let’s be honest, when’s the last time you actually read the label of your soap? Chances are it is full of preservatives and synthetic chemicals which might be drying your skin. We aren’t suggesting anything fancy. Just consider looking for simple, natural products to keep skin looking and feeling great.

Use a humidifier when necessary. Your bedroom can get extremely dry, especially when the heat is turned all the way up. This is one of the main reasons why winter is the harshest time for dry skin. Consider a humidifier to put some moisture into the air, particularly while you sleep.

Daily Moisturization for Dry Skin Repair

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends moisturizer as the number one way to treat dry skin. If you choose to ignore the simple changes listed above, at least consider using a potent moisturizer as routine maintenance for hands, elbows, feet, and other dry areas. 

Many men beat up their bodies on the job, in the gym, or in their free time (no comment). Dry skin is a near unavoidable side effect of any of these strenuous activities. The good news is that incorporating moisturizer into your daily routine only takes about 30 seconds of your time. Just hop out of the shower and put on moisturizer on any affected areas before you go about the rest of your day. 

If you can take the time to brush your teeth and put on deodorant, you can apply moisturizing cream. If you can’t take the time to brush your teeth and put on deodorant, you may have bigger fish to fry.

Dry Skin and Men’s Health FAQs

Are men less likely than women to develop dry skin?

Men and women’s skin are more similar than different, although several key differences do exist. Men actually are at a higher risk of developing dry skin in the short term and on a chronic basis. This is due to a number of factors including men having thicker skin than women, differences in sebum production, and certain lifestyle choices. Women also tend to participate in healthy moisturization at a higher rate than men, furthering this gap.

Is dry skin dangerous to my health?

Probably not. Symptoms of dry skin are generally more irritating than harmful. However, if your dry skin is excessively itchy, scaly, is not responding to moisturizers, or is interfering with your sleep or daily activities, seeing a doctor is always a great idea.

HEFF Daily Moisturizing Cream for Men

HEFF Daily Moisturizing Cream for Men

HEFF cream for hands, elbows and feet has been specifically formulated for working men. Harnessing the power of amino acids, our lotion is ideal for even the most dry, cracked skin. Think of once-daily HEFF as routine maintenance for your body. Shower, shave, apply daily moisturizing cream, and you are all set for a day of hard work or hard play. 

For every tube of HEFF sold, we are proud to donate a tube to Operation Gratitude. This is a small way of giving back to the men and women who keep our country safe.

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