Preventing Dry, Cracked, and Scaly Hands

Most men know this feeling: you are going about your daily routine and all the sudden, you graze your hand against something. The dry, cracked skin splits — you might even bleed a little. If you’re like many of us, you probably just shrugged it off and carried on with your day. It is a scientific fact that men have drier skin than women. Instead of suffering unnecessarily, why not prevent dry, cracked, and scaly hands altogether?

Today, we will discuss why men have dry skin, how active lifestyles lead to dry skin, some simple lifestyle changes to prevent dry skin, and how once daily hand cream can effectively repair, restore, and renew those damaged hands!

Men Have Naturally Dry Skin

Men Have Naturally Dry Skin

Men have thicker skin than women. This might lead you to believe that men also have tougher skin. In reality, it is quite the opposite. Men actually have greater skin sensitivity when it comes to dry skin, UV radiation, oily skin, and more. Additionally, men can also have sensitive skin from common conditions including psoriasis, acne, eczema, and others. 

Most men assume that their dry skin is due to their active lifestyles (more on this below). While this can certainly play a role, everyone is susceptible to dry skin from time to time. The greater skin sensitivity and greater sebum output can actually mean that men are at a greater biological risk for chronic dry skin. This is particularly true for the hands, elbows, and feet.

Active Lifestyles Lead to Dry, Cracked, and Chapped Skin

Of course, active lifestyles can certainly contribute to dry, chapped skin. Jobs and hobbies can contribute to dry skin in the following ways:

Environmental factors lead to dry skin. Dry air, pollution, and excess exposure to sunlight all can dry your skin out. Many of us deal with a combination of multiple environmental factors which can exacerbate the problem further. Avoiding these conditions is preferable, but proper moisturization can also help prevent skin damage.

Certain exercises may cause cracked skin. Lifting weights, swimming, running, and other rigorous exercises may also be the culprit for those alligator knuckles. Swimming is often forgotten because water doesn’t seem like it would dry you out! Yet the high chlorine content of most swimming pools can do a number on your skin.

Certain Occupations which require excessive hand cleaning. One of the most common reasons why individuals get dry skin is doing jobs which require their hands to be submerged in water frequently. Occupations like nurses, doctors, cooks, dishwashers, and so forth all require regular hand washing. This can lead to dry, cracked, and scaly skin over time.

Simple Changes to Prevent Dry Skin from Forming

Simple Changes to Prevent Dry Skin from Forming

This leads us to the question: what exactly can you do about it? Most men don’t have the time, patience, or desire to spend on moisturization. Thankfully, there are some super simple ways to take care of your skin without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat.

  • Avoid long, hot showers. We all do it. Men do it. Women do it. Your aunt from New Jersey probably does it. Hot showers are a huge factor that contributes to everyday dry skin. Lengthy exposure to hot water dries up your natural skin’s oil and dries skin out for the day. Shoot for showers under 10 minutes without ever turning the heat to scalding.
  • Moisturize after showering and/or shaving. Moisturizers are not all created equal. Nor will they always be as effective any old time. It is recommended that men should use moisturizers while their skin is still somewhat damp, which allows some moisture to remain trapped.
  • Control indoor humidity. The winter can be brutal on your skin for a number of reasons. One controllable factor is indoor humidity. Consider a humidifier for the bedroom, drink plenty of fluids, and keep covered up when going outdoors in the bitter cold.
  • Use the right soap (and not too much). Many commercial soaps contain harsh synthetic chemicals that may smell great, but are also likely drying out your skin. Choose your soap carefully and don’t overdo it.

HEFF Offers Powerful Relief for Even the Most Damaged Skin

HEFF Offers Powerful Relief for Even the Most Damaged Skin

Of course, there is no way to prevent dry skin entirely. For those of us who use our hands for a living, at the gym, or even just for an active hobby, the likelihood is very high that dry skin will develop. That is where powerful moisturizing creams come into play. 

We’re not talking once daily coconut oil application; we’re talking focused hydration to repair chapped and damaged skin. HEFF is an everyday skin care cream engineered to repair, restore, and renew even the driest, most damaged skin. We have harnessed the natural power of amino acids to support your body’s ability to naturally hydrate itself. 
Unlike some other products, we have skipped the additives and focused on what works. Our formula penetrates deep into the skin, offering relief from within. To learn more, find HEFF at one of many retail locations, online, or contact us directly. Your purchase helps to support Operation Gratitude.